office space Burlington

office space Burlington

An office space gives your business an identity and a chance to establish your culture. That helps in winning customers as well as acquiring and retaining talent. Having an office space will bring your employees together to create and collaborate, which leads to increased productivity, social interactions among employees, and better services or products.

The Laurentian Business Centre provides a modernized option for businesses looking for office space in Burlington. Our office units are priced competitively with the advantage of low-interest rates.

How to Choose Your Office Location

The following are factors that determine where your office should be located:

  • Accessibility – Accessibility through modes of transport such as buses and trains makes your business more visible to customers. The easier you are to access, the simpler it becomes for new clients to walk through your doors.
  • Amenities– Water, power, and communication facilities are essential for an office to run efficiently. The availability of amenities makes it easier to work and serve customers.
  • Nature of Your Business – Depending on the services you offer, certain locations will bring you closer to prospective clients. For instance, it’s best to have a law firm located near a courthouse or close to government departmental headquarters where most people may require attorney services.

The Laurentian Business Centre is easily accessible through the public transport system in Burlington. It’s a 6-minute bus ride from the train station and a 3-minute walk to the nearest bus stop.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Office Size?

The considerations that should go into office size include:

  • The Number of Employees – The number of employees you have and what they do highly affects the office size. Ask yourself how many will need closed offices, cubicles, or open spaces? A manager and supervisor may require closed spaces, while clerks can work in open spaces.
  • Preferred Office Style – Popular office styles include open spaces and closed office plans. You can also decide to combine both in your office space. Whatever you choose will determine the size of your office space.
  • Required Permanent Rooms – These include storage rooms, reception areas, and break rooms. In addition, consider any other space needs your particular kind of business may have.

What Amenities are Necessary for Your Office?

The amenities required for smooth operation in an office building include:

  • Conference Facilities – According to the nature of your business, you may need a room for meetings. Buildings with conference rooms will save you from the inconvenience of looking for suitable meeting points away from your office.
  • Reliable Internet Connection – The internet is an integral part of many activities in offices nowadays. Hence, a fast and reliable connection is crucial. It will ensure that any tech-related matters are carried out without any delays.
  • Lounge Area – This is a space that employees can use during their breaks. Good lounge areas have a conducive atmosphere with comfortable furniture where employees can relax and interact on their breaks.

With the Laurentian Business Centre, you can customize your office space with all the amenities you would like to have.

Work in Comfort

We designed the Laurentian Business Centre to ensure that as a business person in Burlington, you no longer have to make do with old, inefficient office buildings. Give us a call today on 905 315 3698 for more details about our available units for office space in Burlington.

office space Burlington